"e-Management": a new in-service training 25/01/2018

The Louvain School of Management of the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL) and the Eurometropolitan e-Campus, are joining forces to offer a new in-service training course in "e-Management". Participants who succeed the programme will receive a University certificate.  

Organised from March to June at the Eurometropolitan e-Campus in Tournai, the training prepares the participants for "companies' digital revolution". The programme combines management aspects and the concepts of new information and communication technologies (NICT).  

According to the organisers, "with the growing emergence of digital technologies, new forms of exchanges, collaborations, business procedures and relations between professional stakeholders are appearing and changing our ways of working."

The organisers have designed this programme with a view to preparing for these changes. It benefits from contributions by internationally famous figures bringing together academic expertise and experience from the field.  

The course is designed specifically for: 

  • managers of SMES and institutions faced with "e-Management" environments;
  • people in charge of the organisational management of "digital transformation" in a company or a department;
  • creators of start-ups in the fields of e-business, management or governance.

The five training modules are built around theory and practice and allow participants to integrate digital technologies in the frame of their professional activities. 

In practice, the five modules proposed last for two to five days and are devoted to computer management (information systems, business intelligence and big data, Internet and cyber-security), strategy and the management of change and projects, e-commerce and digital marketing, and e-business (finance, e-logistics and e-procurement). The last module is devoted to the implementation of a management platform.

Organisation: 4 days of classes a month from 1 March to 23 June.

Training venue: Eurometropolitan e-Campus (13, rue du Progrès - 7503 Froyennes)

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