GEOTHERMIA: 1st belgian business park with geothermal energy27/04/2017

IDEA is making zero CO2 emissions heating available to businesses who move into GEOTHERMIA, and is offering hot water at attractive prices to businesses who need it for their production processes, saving 2,600 tonnes of CO2.

In 2010, IDEA, backed by almost 30 years of experience in geothermal urban heating networks, decided to equip one of the newest business parks in Mons, GEOTHERMIA, with the same type of system, thus creating a park which is unique in Belgium. GEOTHERMIA is located in the heart of Europe, next to the stretch of motorway shared by the E19 (Paris-Amsterdam) and the E42 (Lille-Berlin), where it is highly visible to the 86,000 vehicles passing by every day. GEOTHERMIA is also at the heart of a dynamic, diversified economic area, just a stone’s throw away from the Initialis science park and a shopping centre.

IDEA geothermal energy will heat your buildings and supply your industrial applications

Geothermal energy has a multitude of possible uses, such as:
• drying of agricultural or forestry products, textiles, building materials, minerals, pharmaceutical products, etc;
• production of hot water for brewing processes, dry cleaning, laboratories, and chemical and biopharmaceutical businesses;
• greenhouse crops;
• fish farms;
• etc.

Spanning a total of 40 hectares, GEOTHERMIA has plots ranging from 2,500 to 30,000 m². GEOTHERMIA offers plots which are levelled and equipped with access roads, water, electricity, fibre optics and separate drainage systems linked to an urban wastewater purification station. If you would like to test the market before launching into buying land and building your premises, then IDEA can provide you with a temporary start-up unit in the immediate vicinity of GEOTHERMIA. These units are made up of offices and workspaces ranging from 100 to 300 m².

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