• Jonathan Douxfils © Mathieu Baugniet

International award for a Walloon researcher06/09/2019

Jonathan Douxfils, professor and researcher in the Pharmacy Department at Namur University, has successfully won the ‘Eberhard F. Mammen Young Investigator Award’.

He received this prestigious prize in Melbourne during the International Congress on thrombosis and haemostasis.

This honour is due to his studies of thrombosis, which have led to progress in blood test development. His product—known as ‘nAPCsr’—allows the risks of thrombosis to be detected among women using a contraceptive or other hormonal treatment with a single test. Prior to this discovery, a risk evaluation required several tests in order to reach a proper conclusion.

Jonathan Douxfils is also behind the spin-off QUALIblood, which aims to combat thrombosis by aiding the development of medicines which prevent the illness. The researcher’s work relating to blood tests has been conducted in collaboration with this spin-off and partially funded with a grant from the Walloon Public Service.

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