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The new WAB issue is released!

Handmade in Wallonia: the local artisan scene is thriving
Handmade in Wallonia: the local artisan scene is thriving

This winter issue put the spotlight on the new Wallonia ambassador programme. Wallonia's team of brand ambassadors are promoting the region worldwide. Interested? Do not hesitate to join our network.

This WAB issue also focuses on:

- from jewellers to sculptors: the renaissance of artisans in Wallonia and Brussels

- cancer diagnosis specialists VolitionRx

- the business angel Pierre Rion

- the Maison dandoy's cookies

- the re-opening of contemporary art space BPS22

And also the adventures of the songwriter Alice on the Roof!


If you want to subscribe freely to WAB magazine, please send an email to Marie-Catherine Duchêne (Wallonia Export-Investment Agency)

Pascal Biras lives in Hungary where he teaches his students about Wallonia
Liege designer Laurence Humier, based in Milan, is proud to put the spotlight on her home region
Guy Olivier Vanackeren, founder of Peru's Belgo Club in Lima
Françoise Lesage
Louise Kopij
Olivier Pauquet
Atelier Van Tesch
The business angel Pierre Rion

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