Walloon horse scanner 29/08/2019

After the Horse Inn at Liège Airport, and the creation of EquisFair, the new cluster dedicated to the equine sector, three Waimes companies have just launched a new medical imaging system for horses in Wallonia.

As we know, the equestrian field is highly developed in Belgium and this has now been confirmed by three Walloon companies, Medical Imagery, DMPI and SCDI, which have just grafted a double unit to the front (which allows the entire horse to be scanned under anaesthesia) and the rear (for a more specific scan of the horse's head) of an existing digital system; this makes it possible to scan horses which, let's remember, weigh between 500 and 600 kg.

The strength of this Waimes triumvirate is that it is modular and can be adapted to any type of scanner. Although the cost is quite high, between 300,000 and 400,000 euros for the complete package (scanner + module developed by Medical Imagery), it has already been adopted by EquiTom, a very famous medical centre in Hasselt, the Château de Conques equine clinic (in the Bordeaux region), the Horse hospital in Livet (Calvados), and CIRALE, a leading equine centre in Normandy which is part of the veterinary faculty of the University of Paris. Other countries are also interested in buying this system, especially the Arab countries in Asia where there are large numbers of horse-lovers and breeders.

Source: La Nouvelle Gazette

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