B-CAP: the capsule that meets an urgent environmental need 08/04/2019

In creating B-CAP, a refillable cap filled with a liquid or powdered active ingredient that releases its contents when it is screwed onto a bottle or vial, the founders of BNOVA, a Mons-Namur start-up (Ghlin-Wierde), Dr Corinne Herlin and her partner Jean-Claude Guéry, have undoubtedly designed one of the keys for reducing the production of bottles and other non-recyclable containers. 

Belgium has a recycling rate of 89% for household packaging waste, but the same is unfortunately not true for plastic packaging, which is only recycled at a rate of 40%. Up to 13 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans every year, accounting for half of marine waste. Using the B-CAP can lead to a significant reduction in plastic bottles and vials.

Indeed, B-CAP is an innovative solution that responds to the challenges of professionals in reducing quantities of plastic, C02 and water. The caps, which act as refills, are all made of two 100% recyclable polyethylene parts and, on average, the manufacture of one product requires half as much plastic as standard PET bottles. Lastly, the cap is so small and light that it offers companies considerable savings in terms of transport and storage, thus reducing CO2 emissions. One truck carrying caps corresponds on average to 20 trucks filled with standard containers, significantly reducing the environmental impact. 

Many companies have already chosen the B-CAP solution. The market is vast (pharmacy, food supplements, dietary products, cleaning, cosmetics, drinks, etc.) and growing. The company already exports 60% of its products and has no direct competitors. Ten million caps will be produced this year and the company plans to double this number in 2020. 

Source : CCI mag

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