• confitures Celinette copyright Michael Radi
  • Anthony et Céline copyright Christian Delvaux
  • Label épicures d'argent

Épicures d’argent award for Célinette jams from Liège30/07/2019

The 6th delicatessen trade show, the "Épicures de l’Épicerie fine" which brings together artisan producers, traders, buyers, chefs, etc. once again took place in Paris. Anthony and Céline, a pair of Liège-based entrepreneurs presented their Célinette jam which made a very good impression on the jury, and earned them a silver medal of the coveted "Épicures" trophy in the "jams and similar" category.

A great acknowledgement for these artisan jam makers who began their business in 2017. But this is only natural, since Céline and Anthony put their all into offering the best to jam lovers. These jams are produced in small quantities (a maximum of 4 kilograms per cooking batch) in order to retain a production that is 100% artisanal and traditional, and which respects the fruit at its purest level.

The ingredients? Fruit, sugar and lemon juice! There are no additives, setting agents or citric acid in the recipe. This quality and the originality of the flavours which include pirate pear (with rum!), pineapple, kiwi-pear and even "strawberry-blackberry-violet" resulted in them being selected for the Épicures. This is also why the jury, which notably included the starred chef Nicolas Conraux, succumbed to the charm of these entrepreneurs who call themselves "producers of culinary happiness" and it's easy to see why!


Copyright photos: Christian Delvaux & Michael Radi



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