The JPEG XS obtains an international ISO standard31/01/2019

Intopix is the name of the Walloon company that developed a new image format, the JPEG XS. It is principally a technology that involves image processing and video compression. This step will facilitate the transfer of data, which has significantly increased in volume over the years. Using this algorithm significantly reduces the quantity of information and also uses a minimum amount of energy, without affecting quality. 

For the moment, this new standard will be in addition to the JPEG, but in the near future it will be used by all types of devices, including smartphones, drones and televisions.  With the JPEG XS, we will not only be able to see 4K resolution, but also move towards 8K. This format will also be used a great deal to optimise players' experience when using virtual reality devices. 

Another sector that will be able to use this technology is the automotive sector. The processing speed and precision obtained thanks to the JPEG XS will be very useful for improving the performance of driverless cars.

Having taken part in technology fairs in the United States, such as NAB and CES, Intopix is one of the companies that has contacted AWEX for its international prospecting.

This start-up should be proud of its work, as the JPEG XS format was awarded the international ISO standard at the start of the year. 

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