NCR Biochemical and Green Europe to merge23/04/2018

NCR Biochemical Spa and Green Europe Lux have merged to become NCR Biochemical Lux.

The companies, both active in the field of water treatment, will greatly benefit from this merger. Indeed, the Italian giant NCR found in Green Europe the opportunity to strengthen its base in the north of the continent, a geographical area that it only commercially covered.

This allows the small Luxembourg company, founded by François Ghigny, to improve the flexibility of its stocks and reduce replenishment times. Now, it can also benefit from NCR's biological chemistry research laboratory.

The two teams already know each other, as they have been working together on missions for about ten years. (For example, sugar processing processes.) New joint projects have already been set up, such as "Eco2", which combines economy and ecology.

"Unity is strength! NCR and Green Europe base their partnership on a shared vision for more environmentally friendly water treatment. A research program on this theme is currently being carried out on both sides.” declared François Ghigny.

This new collaboration is boosting the chemical, new green technologies, circular economies and R&D sectors in Europe.


Sources : Green Europe, CCILB

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