A new face for the Caves of Han11/04/2017

The arrival of a wolverine cub in the animal park and the new lights of the Caves of Han, are two spectacular events that put the famous Walloon caves under the spotlight.

First of all, the birth of the first wolverine cub in Belgium. The park’s wolverine couple became a family on February 6th 2017, after the birth of a female cub, whose name is still unknown. The cub stayed away from sight until 10th April. Its parents, Valle and Skally, are a very important couple for the genetics of the species in captivity. Indeed, the wolverine is a rare and endangered species. Currently, there are only 1,300 wolverines left in Europe, 116 of which are spread in 45 zoological institutions. The new born should reach its adult size in fall and will then be transferred to another park. This summer, visitors will therefore be able to see a whole wolverine family in the Han-sur-Lesse park, the only Belgian park that is home to this species.

In addition, 110 years after the first electrification of the Caves of Han, the park will go green with a new 100 % LED lighting system. The ecological aspect of the installation is not the only advantage of the system.  Thanks to specialized partners’ expertise, the Caves will offer a new experience to the visitors: everything has been thought through and calculated. The landscape is more pronounced; every light has been placed in order to enhance the visual appearance of the caves, the river dance against the walls, the height of the Hall of the Dome… During the visit, the guide will be able to control the lighting, therefore providing more interactivity with the visitors.

These are two more reasons to spend a wonderful moment at the Domain of the Caves of Han!

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