PUR VER raises nearly €2 million19/02/2019

The Walloon greentech firm raised nearly €2m at the end of 2018 from its historical shareholders and three new investment funds (Innovation Fund, SRIW Environnement and CFEP). These new resources will be used to finance an increase in production to meet demand, as well as to develop new products.

Pur Ver is a company specialising in vermicomposting. This is a natural process in which composting worms attack organic matter (vegetables, cereals, etc.) and transform it into a natural, organic fertiliser. In practical terms, the mixture of compost and organic matter is spread over a surface where there are thousands of earthworms. This surface is watered regularly and maintained at the ideal temperature (between 20 and 30° C). Composting worms digest organic matter and their excrement becomes vermicompost, which is collected, dried and then sifted. This product is intended for everyone, as it can be used by professionals (potting soil producers), horticulturists and even home gardeners. Numerous agronomic tests have scientifically proven that plants receiving this PUR VER® fertiliser have better rooting, faster growth, higher yields and greater resistance to disease.

The company has a circular economic model, which means that it recovers local agro-industrial "waste" that is not used (brewers' grains, coffee grounds, etc.) and turns it into an organic "soil enhancer". The adjectives local, sustainable and natural are all perfect for describing this young Hainaut company.

PUR VER is unable to meet strong market demand and will triple its production capacity at its Pecq site. The company also plans to continue its R&D activities, in close collaboration with various universities and research centres. In particular, the company will soon launch a liquid biostimulant with a high beneficial microorganism content. This solution, which complements the "solid" vermicompost, will allow the company to support its current customers throughout the season and reach new market segments (e.g. viticulture, hydroponics, etc.).

Alexandre Meire, CEO of PUR VER, says, "We are delighted with the arrival of these three new investors, who are familiar with the green biotechnology industry. We are convinced that PUR VER will benefit from their experience to become a major player in the development and marketing of products that promote plant growth and protection.”

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