RIS 2019: Wallonia is a champion of innovation!20/06/2019

The regional innovation scoreboard (RIS) assesses European regions’ performance in terms of innovation. Wallonia’s performance is continuing to improve, making the region a “champion of innovation”.

In addition to the European Innovation Scoreboard, the Regional Innovation Scoreboard assesses European regions’ performance in terms of innovation, based on 18 indicators (R&D spending, joint publications, SMEs, products and processes, etc.). And Wallonia’s performance is continuing to improve, making the southern region of the country a “champion of innovation”, according to the report.

On 18 June 2019, the European Commission published its regional innovation scoreboard (RIS), which is a regional extension of the European innovation scoreboard. It provides a more detailed breakdown of the performance groups with contextual data that can be used to analyse and compare the differences in economic, commercial and socio-demographic structure between the regions.

Although Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden are at the top of the ranking, which makes them “innovation leaders”, Belgium is qualified as a “powerful innovator”, alongside Austria, Estonia, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom, with these countries achieving performance above or close to the European Union average.

Among the regions, Brussels is an “Innovation Leader”, Flanders is a “Strong + Innovator” and Wallonia a “Strong Innovator”. Wallonia is set apart due to is commercial and organisational innovations in particular, as well as R&D spending. Key indicators for regional attractivity and competitiveness!


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