Terragame Center: the virtual reality park is setting up in Spy14/04/2017

Belgium did not yet have a virtual reality park in its territory, Jemeppe-Sur-Sambre is changing that. A 800 m2 venue, called the Terragame Center is due to be opening very soon.

Everybody knows that virtual reality is the today's new challenge. Leading engineers and video game enthusiasts are working on projects that are ever more realistic. On the initiative of the Bhir brothers, the Terragame Center offers an exclusive hyper virtual reality park. It is the first site in the world where the visitor/gamer will be able to interact with real physical elements. The concept is already attracting visitors from all over Belgium and France, as well as American investors. Different scenarios are available to gamers that will allow them to discover this new phenomenon.

Realistic weapons, professional virtual reality headset, super powerful laptop computer and sensory suit: all the accessories needed to get the most out of the experience.

The aim of the adventure is to take advantage of a 600 m2 game area either in single or multi-player mode. Gamers will find themselves in the body of a virtual person and be able to control it with their own body, move around freely, interact with elements in the scenery and feel physical effects such as wind, heat, cold, but also the physical sensation of being attacked by an enemy.

 "Thanks to cutting-edge technology, we have created a virtual world and have superimposed the real world on it in order to be able to combine the two realities and produce just one."

Only one thing to do: put on your virtual reality headset, choose your weapon and slip into your sensory suit in order to enter a world without limits which you only ever thought you would experience in your wildest dreams.

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