Venturelab’s birthday, incubator of 47 companies in Liege!03/05/2018

Venturelab, an incubator for Liège entrepreneurs introduced by the University of Liege (ULg), has just celebrated its third birthday. So far it has created 47 companies, raised 40 funds and involved 309 students in this adventure.

"Belgians most likely to start a business are young, urban and social", says the Amway survey (American direct selling company), published during the Student Entrepreneur week organised by its partner VentureLab, an incubator for student entrepreneurs at ULiège but also in the Liege “Hautes Écoles”.

However, a survey of 50,000 people in 44 countries revealed that interest in entrepreneurship is declining this year.

"The study focuses on people's perception of entrepreneurship. When they answer, they are influenced by the ambient climate. The attacks in Brussels and the soldiers in the streets can be factors likely to slow down entrepreneurial impulses", explains Bernard Surlemont, professor of entrepreneurship at HEC and Venturelab's founder.

However, unlike Belgium’s overall average, Liege gets good results, partly thanks to the Venturelab incubator which was able to develop 47 companies, rise over EUR 3 million and create 123 equivalents.

The Liege-based incubator is a pioneer, especially in the creation of the “student-entrepreneur” status.
"Not all projects are successful, but it's for the better, young people progress, they are better directed" explains coach Luc Pire.

Different sectors are represented like: agri-food, communication, new technologies, personal care…

Amongst the new companies created: the women's magazine In'fluence, the micro-brewery of l'Attrait and Taste Of Liège, which offers a tourist and culinary experience in Liège.


Sources : La Meuse, Venturelab

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