Walloon anti-snoring device soon to be sold in the USA05/03/2019

Tony Cavaleri, 68, is the inventor of Soft Night, a silicon medical anti-snoring device which reduces the noise of snoring and prevents sleep apnoea. "It will be available on the American market from spring," announced the inventor, who has spent the last three years working on this project.

It will be marketed in the United States from mid-2019. It was only after a number of (mainly administrative) appeals that the Liège resident found an American industrial operator to manufacture and sell his product. The production agent will cover the 40,000 American sales points, manufacturing more than 2.5 million items.

It is already considering an improved version of the product in which the silicon is replaced by the use of thermoplastic elastomers.  Other changes are also planned.

Tony Cavaleri will obtain a patent following these three years of work, and a limited quantity will be manufactured by a Dutch industrialist that will implement the latest developments before the official launch of Soft Night+. However, 100,000 euros will be required to finance the second version of Soft Night.

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