The Walloon plastics industry in the COVID-19 crisis19/05/2020

In the context of the coronavirus crisis, the Walloon plastics industry cluster, Plastiwin, successfully has mobilised the members of its cluster to design and produce urgently needed medical equipment.

Plastiwin brings together more than 100 key players in the field of biopolymers, elastomers, composites and synthetic textiles. The primary mission of this cluster is to mobilise companies from the entire value chain of plastics manufacturing and processing in Wallonia, with the aim of stimulating their socio-economic development.

In the context of the corona crisis, Plastiwin has played a major role, through its Walloon members, in facilitating dialogue between the various players in the plastics sector, in order to speed up the production of gowns, masks, vials, parts for breathing apparatus, visors, syringes, protective Plexiglas and other medical equipment. In order to tackle the shortage of equipment, Plastiwin appointed a coordinator, Diego Lancksweert, whose main role was to guide the Walloon players in their search for skills among Plastiwin members and thus supply medical equipment in the shortest possible time frame.

"Plastiwin has therefore supported universities, industrialists, hospitals and numerous consortiums to find the essential partners among the players in the Walloon plastics industry! This is the role of a Cluster like Plastiwin!" explains Aurore Mourette, Managing Director of Plastiwin.

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The presence of the entire value chain of the plastics and synthetic textiles industry on Walloon territory has been a genuine asset in providing all the necessary skills, services and products in a very short space of time, in order to jointly face the challenges thrown up by the COVID19 crisis. The companies in the Plastiwin cluster have been able to mobilise quickly and efficiently to design and produce medical equipment in extremely short time frames. "Plastiwin and its members have been engaged for the past 10 years thanks to their strategy of providing technical solutions, while respecting the principles of the circular economy," Aurore Mourette enthuses.

The Plastiwin network of companies brings together players specialising in polymers and biopolymers, elastomers, composite materials and synthetic textiles. Its value chain brings together all the businesses working in the plastics industry, whose main applications are in packaging, automotive, rail, aeronautics, construction, medical, electrical engineering and the environment, etc.


Press contact: Aurore Mourette Tel: +32 (0)4 77 23 42 93

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