• Agnès Flemal

WSL, where talents are nestling25/11/2019

groups for start-ups, held in Doha last week, the international association UBI Global, which brings together, evaluates and encourages technology incubators at the international level, ranked WSL among the top ten incubators in the world.

No, WSL is not the initials of one of Yves Saint Laurent's parents or even a space satellite, even though it looks like it could be, in fact 'We'll Stretch your Limits! is an incubator for Walloon technology entrepreneurs.

Set up in Liege in 2000, WSL has been supporting engineering science projects for almost twenty years. The company ensures that these projects get implemented, and thus supports their development, both in Wallonia and internationally.

However, according to the statistics, the operation has been a success: Agnès Flémal, Director of WSL, reports a success rate of 87% and a five-year survival rate of 97% for the companies that have requested WSL's assistance. The incubator therefore seems to be the right way to achieve safe mode.

In view of these results, Ms. Flémal can only welcome this international recognition: "To be recognised as one of the top ten incubators in the world and ranked in the top five in Europe is incredible, she delightedly explains before concluding that the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency played no small part in this success.

WSL's sixth place ranking among the world's best incubators in Doha is rather reassuring: Entrepreneurship is in rude health in Wallonia !

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