• Mad Cat Studio - Leopold Roi des belges
  • Alpha Biotoxine
  • Thunder Power
  • Liege Airport
  • Spacebel - Proba-V Satellite
  • Tourisme-Laforet-Pontdeclaies

The winter WAB 2019 is ready for reading 15/01/2019

This winter WAB – Wallonia and Brussels- dedicates its file to the fruitful partnership between China and Wallonia with the arrival of Alibaba in Liege and other Chinese investments.

You will also learn about the work of the Artist Collective “Mad Cat Studio” which will introduce you their animated movie “Leopold, King of the Belgians”.

Here are some other focuses of this edition:

  • Alphabiotoxine is harnessing venom for the pharmaceutical and beauty industries
  • Hot chips: why the world is getting a taste for Lutosa’s potato products
  • 30 years of success for Spacebel
  • Why organic food is going from strength to strength
  • The tourism takes to Wallonia’s waterways in 2019
  • A panorama over Col&MacArthur’s

And, of course, the highlights of winter around Wallonia and Brussels…

Click hier to read. Enjoy!

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Sans Frapper de Alexe Poukine

Sans Frapper reçoit le Prix du Jury Région de Nyon 16/04/2019

Ce samedi 13 avril a eu lieu la cérémonie de clôture de la 50ème édition du Festival Visions du Réel....
Le Pont de Claies du village de Laforêt, reconstruit chaque année à la belle saison (c) WBT-JPRemy

Tourisme: la Wallonie se met à l’eau 19/04/2019

La thématique touristique 2019 en Wallonie est centrée sur l’eau. L’occasion de (re)découvrir toutes les...