Belgian images and signing in Lima08/11/2018

In 1921, Belgium donated a copy of the statue of the Stevedore by Constantin Meunier to Peru, for the 100th anniversary of the country's independence.

Of the two plaques which indicated the little Belgian square "Plazuela Bélgica" where it was erected, one was severely damaged and the other disappeared.

Belgians and Peruvians alike were moved by this situation.

I first searched in Peru, then in Belgium, to have a new "Plazuela Bélgica" plaque made for the square. I made my choice, ordered, and paid. It was made in Brussels based on the model adopted in the Belgian capital, in enamelled metal.

Former Peruvian scholarship recipients and students who had studied in Belgium took care of the administrative aspects of managing this project, with the support of the Belgian Embassy.

And today, 8 November 2018, the two plaques were replaced by a single plaque, made in Belgium and inaugurated by our Ambassador, the Vice-President of APeBelga, the association of these former Peruvian scholarship recipients, one of its directors and myself for the Presidency of the Chamber of Commerce and Culture of Belgium and Luxembourg in Peru.

It is a wonderful Belgo-Peruvian synergy in the service of friendship between our two countries and our peoples, in a significant and symbolic way.