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Happy New Year 2018

From the banks of the Pacific Ocean in Lima, we wish you a very Happy New Year 2018 in which Belgium, Brussels, Wallonia, their brands and currency are more symbolic than ever of a new cohesion, the possibility of co-existence, of turning diversity into human, economic and social riches and a positive image.

Now more than ever, I hope that we can provide what for me is the definition of "Belgian", namely added value! Greater value! Quality!  Qualitative transcendence !

When people are asked to name one or more characteristics of the Belgians, they usually mention their warmth, adaptability, friendliness, modesty, their ability to mock themselves, an acute sense of the surreal, great restaurants and their love of beer, chocolate, fries and cartoon strips.
As for me, I think that we offer ADDED VALUE !

Belgians do not produce cocoa, but create the best chocolates in the world.
Potatoes do not originate in Belgium but in the Andes, however Belgians have produced the best fries on the planet.
Belgium is not a large country, but its capital Brussels is the capital of Europe and the European Union.
I would like to make a personal statement and this statement is as follows, "Today, our sovereigns reign over the largest kingdom on the planet"
This is due to a detail in our constitution; any sovereigns in Europe or elsewhere have always or almost always been the sovereign of a country or territory : the Queen of England, the King of Spain, the King of the Netherlands, Sweden, etc.

Whereas when it comes to our sovereigns, the Constitution states that the King is King of the BELGIANS ! And there are Belgians all over the world. So his kingdom is the biggest there is.

The name of the Belgians has been written on marble or vellum for thousands of years and was even mentioned by Julius Caesar just over two thousand years ago.

So every Belgian has a responsibility to be an Ambassador of this singular yet pluralist country, of their fellow citizens, our skills, knowledge and excellent services, our products, ingenuity, humanity, values and adaptability, our ability to find compromises whist remaining firm, our sense of Union (notwithstanding diversity and potential differences of opinion). We are part of the country at the origin of BeNeLux, the EEC and the European Union and can turn an idea, a service and a skill into something exceptional. We all have something exceptional within us, which asks only to flourish and be expressed and recognised.
This is why we have exceptional people in many different fields, including exploration, science, sport, inventions, knowledge, cartography, medicine and the defence and protection of the vulnerable.
To achieve this, we have to help each other and why not combine our strengths with those of others around the world; this is the essence, indeed the quintessence of our motto. 

Never beat yourself up because someone of our nationality or from our regions has done something negative. Instead search inside you for a way to show your pride at being BELGIAN and one or more talents will emerge; if they don't, keep looking and get to work, as they are there, inside you !

It is with this in mind that we have signed collaboration protocols with the Belgo-Peru Chamber in Belgium and the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism of Peru in Luxembourg and have become a member of EuroCámaras, the Association of European Chambers in Peru,...

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our warmest thanks to Mrs Pascale Delcolmminette and her colleagues for their strong sense of constructive involvement and the positive image they have provided.

Happy New Year 2018 and let's hope that, notwithstanding the many challenges and obstacles, it is a prelude to a new golden age or to the highest value according to your eyes, minds and hearts!


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