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We have just hosted the Belgian Ambassador to Peru, H.E. Koenraad Lenaerts, for an evening organised by the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and Culture in Peru; involved were the UFBE-Peru, the Belgo-Club, and with the presence of H.E. Diego Mellado Ambassador of the Permanent Delegation of the European Union to Peru, various members of the Embassy, the Consul, different business and organisations, Eurochambres or the Association of European Chambers of Commerce, the German Chamber, etc. The meeting between Belgian entities was enhanced by the photographic presence of Mr Rody Demotte and a video message from Ms Delcomminette, which not only added to the surprise, but were also very much enjoyed by one and all.

During the evening, also placed under the sign of friendship and collaboration between the different sectors of Belgian society on a local and an international level, with Europe and, here, Peru, various people received honorary awards from the Chamber of Commerce and Culture of Belgium and Luxembourg in Peru, in particular members of the Embassy, the Development Cooperation Policy, the former Vice-President and future President of EuroCámaras M. Eduardo Benavides, etc.  

The legal department and lawyers from several offices working in synergy with the CCBLP highlighted the importance of good knowledge of the legal framework and its instruments, so that both sides can benefit fully from the opportunities, expertise, knowledge, cultures, skills, technologies, shared and different perspective, the markets of Peru, Belgium, Luxembourg and Europe and, if possible, with a head start, even ahead of the game.

Announcing conferences, training courses and practical kits for legal persons or persons wanting this status in Peru, particularly in relation to Law 3024 and Legislative Decrees 1352 and 1353 on corruption, transparency and other. The benefits of investing in "best practices", their value on the market, and in business dynamics, its image, opening up to public and other contracts and the profitability of quality in terms of both relationships and production management.

Indeed, there is a "cosmetic" aspect because appearances are important and will give you a head start or, on the contrary, exclude you from certain circles.

Repeated scandals undermine confidence as much by public opinion as by sectors of the administration. When there is a genuine desire to change direction or confirm one virtuous path or another, it is good to show it, to acquire tools, however the various efforts shown, whether structural, based on research, policies and training, represent costs in terms of time and money. The best way to ensure their permanence is, firstly, to make them easy, profitable in terms of "image", promotions, time-saving when it comes to controls, with a positive and pro-active image, but also in terms of access to markets, public or private restrictions and sales.
Although a series of companies do not believe that they have the time to devote part of their staff to finding aspects to study, policies to modify, etc. It is the Chambers of Commerce and Law and Accounting firms that are able to spare these companies and entrepreneurs a large part of the work and find options for their dynamism and profitability that are increased by these new practices and used in the same way as economic and promotional levers and new ways of accessing markets.

Bienvenue au nouvel Ambassadeur de Belgique au Pérou
Soirée de "Bienvenue au nouvel Ambassadeur de Belgique" au Pérou
L'Ambassadeur recevant le symbole de chef de la communauté Belge au Pérou.


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