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Lima's Belgian Festival

On 17 October 2015, the "Festival Belga" took place in Miraflores, a well-known residential and commercial municipality in Lima. Lima is the capital of approximately 10 million inhabitants (for the province) of Peru (a country of around 30 million people).

This festival celebrated 50 years of "Belgian Development Cooperation" in this country and the achievements of this special relationship, in the presence of companies, NGOs, associations, etc.
 Among the many stands presenting NGOs, farming communities, individual, small or other enterprises, there were local agricultural products but also Belgian specialities such as beers, waffles and other products produced by Belgians or through knowledge acquired in Belgium.
The quality of the relationship between our countries and citizens was particularly visible through the large numbers of both participants and visitors (several thousand in a few hours).

APEBELGA, the association of Peruvian scholarship alumni in Belgium created in 1973, revived by its members, some of whom have become famous in the country.

Belgium, Brussels and Wallonia were present across various organisations and associations: the team from the Belgian Embassy and the BTC, AWEX/WBI, the Brand, but also the Chamber of Commerce and Culture of Belgium and Luxembourg in Peru, the UFBE-Peru, and the Belgo-Club and companies.



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