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The project was created by MUNDABILIS®.


The project is for the creation of a MULTI-THEMED, VIRTUAL & PHYSICAL PARK IN PERU, touching on education, culture, tourism, history, technologies, sciences, and philosophy, to boost the economic revival of various sectors, stimulate employment and professional opportunities, work, and trade, in the best conditions for the planet and those who inhabit it, all based on an idea by Guy O. Vanackeren, supported by various collaborators.

Vision: the Mundabilis® project of © Guy O. Vanackeren, together with its sub-projects, is based on the urgent need to offer replicable models and alternatives beneficial to humans and the environment in which they live, to ensure their own survival in the best possible conditions, halting the slide towards poverty and extreme poverty, violence, discrimination and other problems found on our planet and in our societies. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused economic paralysis for many sectors of human life and its activities. Therefore, one or more proposals are needed to reactivate these areas in the best way possible, i.e. with a philosophical vision that advocates solutions that include the best of our humanity regardless of gender or sexual orientation, skin colour, physical constitution, motor skills or other, fighting against climate change, uncontrolled pollution, etc.

Mission: the first mission for the creation of the Mundabilis ® project of Guy O. Vanackeren is to provide a global answer to a series of existential human problems by gathering knowledge, know-how, techniques, and old, current and innovative technologies from all over the world, while underlining the potential and contributions of the populations of Wallonia and Brussels, Belgium, the European Union, Africa and other areas. To aim for knowledge, well-being and improved systems for our planet and those who live on it, in rapidly self-sustaining models. It seeks to provide answers and concrete actions to achieve and carry out its mission, focusing on a series of points, some of which were more curtailed than others during the period of paralysis imposed by pandemic management.

Points such as 1) Education (in many cases unprepared for videoconference courses), highlighting numerous shortcomings, particularly in the event of a pandemic-type problem.

2) Culture

3) Health

4) Safety and disaster prevention

5) Employment, trade, offices and future opportunities

6) Mobility, housing and urban connections linked to human life and its demands

7) Renewable, clean energy (production, conservation, distribution, etc.)

8) Multiple, smart, wise and respectful water collection, maintenance, distribution and reuse

9) Circular economy, fighting the programmed obsolescence of devices, while promoting their constant improvement through adaptations, additions, connectivity, useful complementarities, etc.

Objectives: to boost the economy by stimulating various cultural, social and economic sectors, such as tourism, travel agencies, guides, tourist transport, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc. Culture, historians, with stage design arts, theatres, cinemas, crafts, and all the professions involved (costume designers, actors, directors, lighting designers, decorators, scriptwriters, camera operators, sound engineers, etc.), eating and table arts, etc. Engineering and IT technologies, special effects, communications, innovation, etc. As well as security and assistance, agriculture, livestock farming, etc. Taking into account the various local, national, regional, international and global challenges, such as the question of economic recovery, good management for the planet and those who live on it. Taking into account a principle of multilateral benefits, including WALLONIA, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, EUROPE, PERU, ICA REGION, LIMA, etc. This will be reflected in the names of the projects and their sub-projects. With names under consideration such as BELGABILIS, WALLONABILIS, BXLABILIS, VALE UN PERU, HISTORIABILIS, MUNDABILIS etc., that will highlight skills, know-how, knowledge, engineering, innovations, traditional products, traditions, local, regional, national and international added values, elements of shared history, etc.

The general principle: a virtual and physical multi-themed park in Peru,

1) Recounting, in various shows and settings, the history of the world through that of Peru in different eras: from the Big Bang to the vision of tomorrow via prehistory, pre-Columbian times to the Inkanato (Inca empire at its peak), the "conquista", the viceroyalty, independence, to the present with a vision of an ideal future world. And the history of the cultures and worlds that influenced Peru in one way or another.

2) With a setting, a. With shows, b. As well as a catering area that reflects each era and culture of the time, allowing visitors to make real journeys through time and particular moments in history, both through the shows, the decor and atmosphere of the restaurants, shops, workshops and hotels, the decor and costumes, the music, etc.

3) Describing the potential of our current knowledge, existing products and future possibilities in a practical way. In particular, in the concept of a smart village and a suitable place to live for a long, comfortable life, as well as in all the park's infrastructures, the principles of the generation, management, conservation, distribution, and transformation of fundamental elements such as:

  • a. Water that can be used and reused a number of times before being returned to the earth, air or ocean
  • b. Clean, complementary renewable energies
  • c. Elements that fit into a circular economy principle
  • d. Mobility
  • e. Smart living spaces for comfortable, dignified and life-extending occupancy
  • f. Artificial intelligence
  • g. Health
  • h. Security
  • i. Non-discrimination and general inclusion
  • j. Good for the planet and those who live there!
  • k. Support for the concrete visualisation of multilateral contributions including, of course, at the forefront, Belgium, Brussels and Wallonia, the European Union and Europe and the rest of the world, including Africa.

Enhancing of multilateral and bilateral relations: if we take Peru and Belgium, highlighting the common elements in history and the many beneficial contributions. The project has a certain ambition, including being unlimited in time and space, except of course by laws, morals and the common good. It aims to use existing solutions to highlight virtual creations, productions and exchanges in a physical place (the park), through one or more existing and/or future platforms. It takes into account different threats such as the risks of slipping into poverty and extreme poverty, violence, discrimination, problems related to climate change, human needs, the need for growth, economic balance, the fight for better social and health justice, good access to water, food, drink, breathable air, health, a dignified life and human rights.

Space initially planned: a vast space was proposed and anticipated for this purpose by a Peruvian family-run SAC (Sociedad Anonima Cerrada) on nearly 400 hectares (approximately 4 million square meters), starting at km 262 of the Pan-American Highway south of Lima. So in the Ica desert. Wasn't Las Vegas a desert before it became the city we've heard about or know? Participation will be very open and broad, starting with the scientific, educational and cultural fields, which excludes practically no one (except for legal, moral or vision incompatibility reasons).

VIRTUAL AND PHYSICAL: the principle of the park in question is based on both VIRTUAL operation, with THE CONSTRUCTION OF A VIRTUAL PARK with platforms for exchanges, studies, research, solution proposals, and multilateral analyses, and PHYSICAL operation with the CREATION OF A PHYSICAL PARK

The physical part will include SHOWS with a historical inspiration and atmosphere Experience Tests have already been carried out with the "restaurant Inkanato®" archaeological sites (over the course of a decade) and the open air "Inka Llacta®" archaeological site (, both related to the Inca cultures and their contemporaries. They are currently closed, but could be transposed to the park in question. The references will be historical, legendary, topical and anticipatory. The presentations will be virtual or physical in open spaces and some protected or closed places. HORECA (hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc.), SHOPS, WORKSHOPS for crafts and others, various PRODUCTIONS, clean renewable ENERGIES (production, conservation, distribution/use), elements of water collection, purification and management (with, in particular, development and permanent improvement for the systematic domestic reuse of the same water between two and seven times, depending on the case), TRAINING, INVESTIGATIONS and PRODUCTIONS with the participation of UNIVERSITIES and clinic(s). IMPORT/EXPORT EXCHANGES of products, services, knowledge, technologies, techniques, etc. As well as cultural promotions (broadcasts, creations, productions), performing arts, cinema techniques (with stages for the public (and studios for filming documentaries, various programmes, films, and series)), artificial intelligence, robotics, agriculture, respectful livestock farming, circular economy, equal human rights and their respecting and application. Creation of a constantly improving "smart" village, with the aim of creating a living space where people can live, from birth to beyond the classic medicalised care home, for the longest possible dignified, comfortable life and anticipating a maximum number of situations (including pandemics) with an optimal economy, which foresees the generation, storage, use and/or redistribution of renewable and clean energy, the circular economy including waste management with the principle of design, functionality, adaptability and optimal improvements.

PERMANENT FAIR With a showcase principle, both theoretically and practically, as all the "establishments" would operate using and applying the best practices and technologies, explaining the economic, tax, environmental and human advantages, with permanent sessions presenting existing products, technologies and techniques and innovations, with training for acquisition, sales techniques, dissemination, installation, maintenance, repair and the optimisation of these. The principle will be "apolitical" although it will defend the rights of people, in its broadest vision, as well as our planet (and surroundings).

Needs: a park like this requires the collaboration of economic, cultural, commercial and social actors, agencies such as AWEX, WBI, chambers of commerce, especially those grouped together in EuroCámaras such as the Chamber of Belgium and Luxembourg (, companies, products, services, contributions from specialists in civil protection, such as firefighters, paramedics and rescue workers, from the medical sector, disaster prevention, human rights, good management, the defence of childhood, as well as cultural creators, inventors and evaluations and implementation and dissemination of innovations that allow for the optimal (re)activation of human life and beneficial standardisation, with the fewest possible "sacrifices" and the maximum added value and well-being. Special places will therefore be reserved in the park, in both the physical and virtual platforms, for Belgium, Wallonia and Brussels, and the French-speaking world, highlighting their values, contributions and potential, not forgetting others, as well as Europe, its institutions, Africa and the other continents.

We are available for any questions you may have. Guy O. Vanackeren, founder and director of the MUNDABILIS project and related sub-projects. Officer of the Order of the Crown (Belgium) President of the Chamber of Commerce and Culture of Belgium and Luxembourg in Peru. also on Facebook (FB) Delegate of the UFBE (Union Francophone des Belges à l'Etranger) also on FB Head of the Belgo-Club also on FB Creator of the "Inkanato® and Inka llacta®" experimental archaeological site projects. also on FB shown in the programme "Les Belges du Bout du Monde" with Adrien Joveneau, in "Entre terre et ciel" with Sébastien Lafont on TV5Monde, etc.

At the time of the Inca apogee: the Inkanato.
In the t'akes of the colcas or Inca warehouses
Searches in illustrated books


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