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Importance of protocols in (inter)national relations

Importance of protocols and etiquette in (inter)national relations in Peru.

Peru is a rather conservative country, even if new ideas, new ways of doing things are starting to appear. Although the informal form of address is sometimes very - even, according to some, too quickly - used and contacts appear to be easy and numerous, entire sectors may suddenly become blocked or seem impossible to access. It is obvious that, in order to make a place for yourself, you need references and, at the very least, you have to keep up appearances.

In November, we took part in the XIV Inter-American Ceremonial Forum organised over three days in Peru (whose turn it was this year) by APCER with the support of Embassies, various institutions, Chambers of Commerce and other figures.

Although some of the presentations were particularly off-putting, repetitive or even of little sense, others enlighten us about mistakes not to make, essential steps, key precautions, etc.

Although in politics a dispute may last a variable length of time, for companies and for international trade, prejudices may be very costly and even generate misunderstandings that block contracts.

And, although the "law", the "legal" world and lawyers are sometimes indispensable, here "form" is often greatly privileged, even in this context.

Therefore, it is not enough to be within your rights or to be right. Being familiar with cultural mysteries may, in some cases, be decisive.


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