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XIII International Foreign Trade Summit in Peru

Peru defends multilateralism and openness, despite certain protectionist and populist reflexes in different parts of the world.
Its growth forecast for 2018 was 3.9%, with a slight drop to 3.7% forecast for 2019.
Brussels and Wallonia must certainly increase their presence in Peru, as the large global economies are becoming more visible, for example China, which is now the country's largest trade partner; but Peru preserves its multilateral relations with the United States and the European Union, whilst also attempting to join groups such as the OECD. Peru is also the force behind new groups such as the Pacific Alliance, formed with Colombia, Chile and Mexico and preparing to welcome Ecuador.

Belgium is a valued partner, even though Peru laments the end of its technical cooperation after more than 50 years.
For the last two years, Belgium was also the special guest of the Cocoa and Chocolate Show thanks to its expertise in this area. Some establishments proudly displayed the fact that they used Belgian chocolate for some of their preparations. Having said that, the country is making giant strides in this area. According to various foreign specialists, its Show is one of the best and largest in this field. So it is extremely important to maintain our position and keep Belgium (Wallonia and Brussels) under the spotlight so we can show our other sectors of specialisation and expertise. We know that beer is also a product that spreads Belgium's reputation to countries to which our beer is imported, although the quantities are not yet high enough.
And we believe that this is a serious option in one of the most stable economies in South America. 



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